Forest Management and Ecological Consultants
Forest Management and Ecological Consultants

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)


The PEA is usually the first step in assessing a site for ecological constraints, or lack of.  In some cases this may be the only survey that is necessary, however a PEA may highlight the need for further specialist surveys, including those for protected species. 


Desk Study

As a matter of good practice a desk study will be conducted.  This will include the purchase and collation of third party records, such as those from local bat groups and biological records centres.  These records will highlight any potential implications which have been previously recorded, such as the presence of a protected species, sites or habitats.  


Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey

The PEA will also include a site visit or walk over where a phase 1 habitat survey will be conducted.  This is a standardized approach for assessing and mapping habitats.  Plant and animal species encountered on site will be recorded and an the site will be assessed for its potential to support species of conservation concern. 


Information from the desk study and the habitat survey will be combined and presented in a detailed report.

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