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Bats - Tree Climbing Surveys

Here at S.A.P Ecology & Environmental Ltd, we are pleased to be able to offer tree climbing surveys for bats (also know as aerial inspections).  Our ecologists are qualified tree climbers (LANTRA Aerial Ropes and Rescue) and licenced bat ecologists and have experience of carrying out such surveys in parks, woodland and cities.  Working in conjunction with Oliver Bennett Tree Services we have the distinct advantage of being able to provide expertise from both the ecological and arboricultural perspective.


Juvenile soprano pipistrelle on bark of a willow tree.

Why do tree surveys?


Usually when surveying trees for bats the ecologist will carry out a Ground Level Tree Assessment (GLTA), however, surveying trees in any environment can be difficult, branches cast shadows on potential bat access points, not all points are clearly visible from the ground level, too much foliage therefore limited visibility.  Carrying out a tree climbing survey can limit these issues and even remove the need of a GLTA.  Aerial assessments are an excellent way of confirming wehther a potential access point seen from the ground is in fact suitable for roosting bats.   Should evidence of bats be found this survey can also advise the necessary further survey effort and in most circumstances reduce the amount which is needed.  Survey styles, requirements and timings are much easier to modify with the information provided through doing an aerial inspection.

The advantages


  • Surveys can be undertaken at any time of year
  • Potential roost features seen from the ground can be actively inspected for evidence of roosting bats
  • Features can be ruled in or out of further survey with more certainty
  • Significant cost savings as surveys can be effectively tailored and in many cases reduced




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