Forest Management and Ecological Consultants
Forest Management and Ecological Consultants

Forest Management Services

With over 15 years experience in the forestry sector, SAP Ecology & Environmental provides a range of professional services to aid the planning and management of forests and woodlands, whether managed commercially or for amenity and recreation.


Forest inventories: Our experienced team will conduct full/partial tariffs in order to estimate timber volumes for stand valuations or production forecasts. We also offer inspection rack surveys of young crops to allow thinning programmes to be devised.


Environmental assessements: Information on watercourses/waterbodies, SSSI's, SAC's, Archaeology and protected species such as red squirrels, badgers, otters and birds of prey will be collated in a report to aid in management decisions, forest design and risk assessments.


Dangerous tree surveys: Our team will identify hazardous trees in sensitive areas such as along roadsides and adjacent to public footpaths and create subsequent reports and action plans to aid management.


Management/Forest Plans: From initial stakeholder scoping to plan approval, we produce long term plans for woodlands and forests compliant with the UK Forest Standard and associated guidelines. Plans will include felling, thinning and restructuring proposals for a 10-20 year period as well as constraints and biodiversity information to help towards sustainable forest management.


Health and Safety Risk Assessments: We can produce site specific risk assessments tailored to your needs, ranging from timber harvesting, ground preparation and tree planting to road construction.


Harvesting site supervision: We can provide onsite monitoring of harvesting contractors to ensure quality of work and compliance with health and safety as well as ensuring environmental controls are in place.


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Tree Surgery Services

Oliver Bennett Tree Services

  • Whole Tree Felling
  • Rigging & Dismantling
  • Crown Reduction
  • Formative Pruning

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